China Delists Lithuania from Customs

China has reportedly removed Lithuania from its customs registry a few weeks after it officially downgraded its diplomatic ties with the Baltic state for allowing Taiwan to open a de facto embassy in Vilnius.

Lithuania’s warming ties with Taiwan have left many Lithuanian goods stranded at sea because exporters could not clear them through Chinese customs.

Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists President Vidmantas Janulevicius said China has crossed out Lithuania.

“It seems that there’s no such country in China’s customs system,” Janulevicius said. 

A Lithuanian wood exporter said exporters could not enter Shanghai port because Lithuania was no longer in the computer system.

The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry confirmed that the country’s exporters encountered problems exporting goods to China.

“We are in contact with Lithuanian firms. We are collecting information from the Chinese side about the restrictions. We are also in touch with the European Commission about a reaction on the EU level,” the Foreign Ministry said.

Meanwhile, the Lithuania-China Trade Association said that although exports of agricultural, forestry, and animal husbandry goods have been impacted by Chinese restrictions, high-tech products in areas such as biotechnology have been largely unaffected.

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