Report Reveals How the US is the World’s Biggest Plastic Polluter

A new report found that the United States is the world’s leading producer of plastic garbage, and the country urgently needs a new strategy to reduce the massive quantity of plastic that ends up in the seas.

According to the report, the introduction of inexpensive, versatile plastics has resulted in “a global scale deluge of plastic waste seemingly everywhere we look,” with the United States being a leading contributor of disposable plastics that end up entangling and choking marine life, harming ecosystems, and bringing harmful pollution up through the food chain.

According to the committee’s study, a new national plan to stop the flow of plastics into the ocean is needed by the end of next year. 

The study suggested that the country should try to reduce plastic manufacturing, particularly of non-reusable or recyclable plastics, promote alternative materials that may be reused, and set higher standards for garbage collection and capture.

Any endeavor to reduce plastic pollution will be influenced by larger international and industrial trends. 

The United States, like many other wealthy countries, used to outsource its garbage issue by sending plastics to China, but the Chinese banned these imports in 2018. 

The ban on garbage imports has resulted in a rise in the amount of plastic garbage shipped to other countries, such as Vietnam and Thailand, as well as “recycled” plastic being burnt at local landfills that are unable to handle the enormous volume of debris.

Meanwhile, the fossil fuel sector is exploring a massive increase in plastic manufacturing since its principal business is being squeezed owing to worries about the climate issue. 

Plastic polymers can be made using crude oil as a feedstock, and the industry is banking on a surplus of new plastic to flood the market, and hence rivers, beaches, and seas, in the coming years.

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