US Fighter Jet Drops Fuel Tanks Near Residential Town in Japan’s Aomori Prefecture

A U.S. F-16 fighter jet has dropped two fuel tanks near a residential area before making an emergency landing in Aomori Prefecture.

According to the Japanese Defense Ministry, the F-16 which was based on Misawa Air Base was forced to drop its external fuel tanks after the pilot experienced engine trouble and had to make an emergency landing at Aomori Airport.

Only one of the tanks, the one that landed near the Fukaura town government office has been found so far and has caused alarm for residents.

Local police said they found fuel and metal objects at the sport where the fuel tank crashed.

Michio Ichikawa, the head of the Tohoku Defense Bureau apologized for the incident and said that the other tank possibly flew off into Mount Iwakisan.

The US has not yet released a statement on the incident.

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