UK Neo-Nazi Group Co-Founder Ben Raymond Convicted on Terror Charges

A United Kingdom court on Nov. 30 convicted Ben Raymond, the co-founder of neo-Nazi terrorist group National Action, of remaining a member after it was banned.

The Bristol Crown Court also found Raymond, 32, guilty of two counts of possessing terrorist documents — the manifesto written by Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik and a manual on making explosives.

Raymond became the 17th person to be convicted of being a member of National Action, a white supremacist group that promoted ethnic cleansing, attacks on LGBTQ+ people, and a race war in Britain.

According to prosecutors at the three-week trial, Raymond co-founded the group in 2013 and was the “head of propaganda.”

“He was careful not to stockpile weapons or carry out physical attacks himself. He fought his holy war with words and images. He was, like Joseph Goebbels of the original cabal of Nazis,” Prosecutor Barnaby Jameson told the court.

The court also heard that Raymond was the international neo-Nazi terrorist who coined the term, “white jihad.”

Prosecutors said that although the government banned National Action in December 2016, Raymond remained involved in the group by joining online group chats with his fellow neo-Nazis, attending the trials of those who were later prosecuted, and continuing to design propaganda.

Matthew Collins, a researcher at anti-fascist organization Hope Not Hate, said that Raymond inspired “a new generation of ‘bedroom terrorists.'”

Raymond denied all charges but did not provide evidence in his defense.

Raymond is scheduled for sentencing on Dec. 3.

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