Hong Kong Workers Set for Wage Increase in 2022

A job survey has found that Hong Kong workers are set for a pay rise of about 1.7 percent in 2022 as companies planning to expand their businesses seek to attract more employees.

Employment services firm JobsDB reported that the 438 Hong Kong companies it polled in September were optimistic about next year’s economic outlook.

About 21 percent of the firms said they were planning to increase workers, although 55 percent said they plan to maintain their headcount next year.

Industries that are likely to enjoy the most salary increases are human resources, information technology, and logistics.

The report projected that jobs in accounting, human resources, merchandising, information technology and finance would be most in-demand in 2022.

Workers in design, medicine, and engineering are among those likely to increase wages the least. Meanwhile, staff in advertising, manufacturing, and wholesale are expected to see decreases in their salary adjustments.

Most of the companies polled by JobsDB, about 70 percent, revealed that their reason for increasing headcount is business expansion, particularly digitalization.

“More than ever corporations are more focused on digital transformation,” said Bill Lee, managing director of JobsDB Hong Kong. “Companies will need to accelerate the recruitment of talent and internal training to avoid problems caused by talent shortage.”

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