Far-Right Pundit Eric Zemmour to Run for French Presidency

French far-right pundit Eric Zemmour announced on Nov. 30 that he will run for president in the April 2022 elections.

In a 10-minute Youtube video, Zemmour claimed that he joined the presidential race to save “traditional” France from “disappearing.”

“It’s no longer time to reform France, but to save it,” Zemmour said in a video that had clips and images of gang violence, women with headscarves, Black men, and famous French historical figures.

“I’ve decided to run in the presidential election so that our children and grandchildren don’t suffer barbarity, so that our daughters don’t have to wear headscarves and our sons don’t have to be submissive… so that they can inherit a France as it was known to our ancestors,” Zemmour also said in the video, reading a speech at his desk, which is reminiscent to Charles de Gaulle’s famous June 1940 broadcast to Nazi-occupied France.

French news website Les Jours reported that film clips used in the video had not been cleared with rights holders, prompting TV channels to pull it out.

Zemmour is due to hold his first official campaign meeting on Dec. 5.

Human rights groups have criticized Zemmour’s presence in the political scene.

Zemmour, the son of Algerian Jewish parents who migrated to France, delivered anti-immigrant rhetoric in his speech, declaring that “immigration is not the cause of all our problems, but it aggravates them all.”

Nicknamed as the “French Trump,” Zemmour has twice been convicted for inciting racial hatred. The latest trial opened this month over his television appearance last year when he called unaccompanied child migrants “thieves, killers, and rapists.”

Zemmour has also warned of “colonization” of France by Muslims and said that Islam was “incompatible” with French values.

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