China Uses Extradition, Deportation To Undermine Taiwanese Sovereignty, Says Report

More than 600 Taiwanese arrested overseas have been deported to China in recent years, a new report by a human rights group said on Wednesday. In a press release, Safeguard Defenders says the practice was being used as a tool to undermine Taiwan’s sovereignty.

In its latest investigation, China’s Hunt for Taiwanese Overseas, the Safeguard Defenders documented hundreds of cases of the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC’s) international harassment campaign against Taiwanese nationals via deportations and extraditions.

“It presents the fullest picture to date of this alarming trend. This international persecution of Taiwan nationals amounts to an assault on Taiwanese sovereignty, and is part of the larger global campaign under Xi Jinping to exploit extradition treaties, mutual law enforcement agreements, and other multilateral institutions for the Chinese Communist Party’s political objectives,” the statement added.

The human rights group documented over 600 cases between 2016 and 2019 of Taiwan nationals abroad who have been extradited or deported from countries across Asia, Africa, and Europe. However, they have not been returned to Taiwan.

Aside from Taiwanese citizens, Beijing has also been reportedly doing the same operations against Uyghur nationals and Chinese activists. 

“Through transnational repression and formal extraditions, the PRC is pursuing economic fugitives, Uyghur refugees, human rights defenders, and fleeing Hong Kongers, “the statement added.

Safeguard Defenders called on the international community to take immediate steps to halt this practice.

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