Sweden Reappoints First Female Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson Days After Her Resignation

Sweden has reappointed Magdalena Andersson as prime minister on Nov. 29, days after she resigned from the post last week.

Andersson had been elected as Sweden’s first female prime minister on Nov. 24, but she stepped down within hours of taking post after her coalition partner, the Green Party, left the two-party minority government following her budget defeat in parliament.

Instead, the parliament voted in favor of the opposition’s budget, which the Green Party said it would not accept.

In a new vote, members of parliament (MPs) backed Andersson, the leader of the Social Democratic Party, by a narrow margin in a new vote. While 101 MPs voted for her, 173 voted against, and 75 abstained.

Under Sweden’s political system, a candidate for prime minister can be elected as long as a majority of the lawmakers do not vote against them.

Andersson now intends to lead a one-party government until an election in September next year.

At a news conference after the vote, Andersson said that she was prepared to “take Sweden forward” with a program focusing on welfare, climate change, and crime.

Andersson replaced Stefan Lofven, who resigned as prime minister and as leader of the Social Democrats.

Andersson has served as the finance minister since 2014.

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