UN: Pandemic Damage to 2021Tourism $2t

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) said on Monday the coronavirus pandemic would cost the global tourism sector US$2.0 trillion in lost revenue in 2021, calling the recovery of global tourism “fragile” and “slow.”

“Despite the improvement seen in the third quarter of the year, the pace of recovery remains slow and uneven across world regions. This is due to varying degrees of mobility restrictions, vaccination rates, and traveler confidence,” UNWTO reported.

According to UNWTO, the global tourism sector already lost US$2.0 trillion in revenues last year due to the pandemic, making it one of the sectors hit hardest by the health crisis.

The forecast from the UNWTO came as Europe struggles with a surge in infections and as a new heavily mutated Covid-19 variant, named Omicron, spreads across the globe.

The UN body in charge of promoting tourism added that the safe resumption of international tourism would continue to depend largely on a coordinated response among countries to help restore consumer confidence. 

“This is particularly critical at a moment when cases are surging in some regions and new Covid-19 variants are emerging in different parts of the world,” UNWTO said.

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