Bangladeshi Doctors Raise Concerns over Ex-Prime Minister Zia’s Health

Bangladeshi doctors treating ex-Prime Minister, Khaleda Zia expressed concern over her health, demanding to let her fly abroad for medical treatment.

Zia is 76 years old and has been an arch-rival of the country’s incumbent PM Sheikh Hasina.

Zia has been diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, and had already suffered three massive internal hemorages in the past two weeks, according to her doctors.

“We don’t have the means and supportive technology… here to control and stop rebleeding,” her chief doctor Fakhruddin Mohammad Siddiqui told reporters.

The chances of controlling the rebleeding are slim, he said, adding in that case, there is higher risk of her death.

“If we want to save the life of the patient, we need to do TIPS,” he said, referring to a sophisticated medical procedure that he said was available only in developed countries such the United States, Britainand Germany.

A large number of her Bangladesh National Party (BNP) supporters staged protests around the country, demanding to let her fly abroad for medical care.

In the latest protest on November 22, at least 20 protesters were wounded when BNP supporters clashed with police in the northern district of Natore.

Zia was sentenced to 10 years in prison in February 2018 on graft charges by the BNP. She was in power from 2001 to 2006.

She was released in March last year after deterioration of her health in the jail.

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