Moderna Bests Pfizer in Study of Five COVID-19 Vaccines

The Moderna Inc. and Russian Sputnik V COVID-19 vaccines topped a large-scale study of five different shots, edging the version from Pfizer Inc. and BioTech SE in effectiveness.

A study by Hungarian researchers published by the Clinical Microbiology and Infection journal found that the Moderna vaccine was 88.7 percent effective against COVID-19 infection and 93.6 percent effective against COVID-related death, while Sputnik was 85.7 percent and 95.4 percent effective, respectively.

Pfizer was found to be 83.3 percent and 90.6 percent effective, respectively.

The study examined the effectiveness of five COVID-19 vaccines — Pfizer, Moderna, Sputnik, AstraZeneca, and Sinopharm — in 3.7 million people at least seven days after their second dose.

“The wide range of vaccines available in Hungary allows for the assessment of vaccine effectiveness in a real-world setting in a Central European country and puts Hungary in the unique position of providing detailed information on multiple vaccine types from the same country,” the researchers wrote in the study.

The authors include Hungarian health minister Miklos Kasler and chief medical officer Cecilia Muller.

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