UN Calls for End of Fighting in Ethiopia

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for an immediate end to the fighting in Ethiopia on Wednesday while Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was at the front “giving leadership from the battlefield” amid an escalating year-long conflict. 

“The peace process in Colombia today inspires me to make an urgent call to the protagonists of the conflict in Ethiopia for an unconditional and immediate ceasefire,” Guterres said.

War in Ethiopia started in November last year in the Tigray region between the Ethiopian Federal troops and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front. 

In July, the fighting escalated into two regions in northern Ethiopia, and the rebels have been advancing towards the country’s capital, Addis Ababa.

Thousands of people have died since the conflict began, with more than two million fleeing their homes and 400,000 facing famine in Tigray. 

The Deputy Spokesman for the UN Secretary-General said it is critical to establish a regular flow of humanitarian aid into the region as the humanitarian situation in Tigray continues to deteriorate.

According to the United Nations, about seven million people throughout the country suffer acute food insecurity.

The report added that the country still faces a funding gap of $1.3 billion, including $350 million for the response in Tigray despite a $40 total injection of new resources to Ethiopia – $25 million from CERF and $15 million from the country-based Ethiopia Humanitarian Fund (EHF).

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