Migrant Crisis: Ukraine Dispatched 8,500 Fresh Troops In Its Border with Belarus

The government of Ukraine has dispatched 8,500 fresh troops on its border with Belarus as it fears that Minsk will send migrants to the country as it did with its other neighbors Lithuania and Poland. 

The Government has allocated almost UAH 214 million to strengthen the protection of the state border with the Republic of Belarus and strengthen the state’s defense capabilities, Ukraine’s Ministry of Economy said in a statement.

“Currently, we can observe an aggravation of the situation on the Belarusian borders. Today’s decision of the Government will allow for the fast strengthening of vulnerable areas of the state border and prevent the flow of illegal migration from the territory of the Republic of Belarus,” the statement added.

The funding will be allocated from the reserve fund of the state budget and directed to the units of the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defense to strengthen the protection of the state border on the Ukrainian-Belarusian section and eliminate the threat of an emergency situation of a social nature. 

The developments in Ukraine came after the EU blamed Belarus leader Alexander Lukashenko for the recent migrant crisis on the border with Poland as retaliation to the EU sanctions on the country.   

Belarus has been accused of sending migrants, particularly from the Middle East to the EU’s eastern borders to destabilize the bloc.

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