French Presidential Hopeful Barnier Says Immigration Out of Control in France

Michel Barnier, the presidential hopeful said France had lost control of immigration and that a sense of impunity prevailed, with sense of insecurity around the country

Barnier lamented that President Emmanuel Macron’s leadership style was too arrogant and single-minded to heal divides.

“Immigration is out of control,” Barnier said. “Our security is no longer guaranteed. There is a sense of impunity and insecurity throughout the country.”

“I’m looking at the problem my country faces,” he said.

Official INSEE data shows 272,000 immigrant arrivals on French territory in 2020, compared with 259,000 in 2016, the last year of former President François Hollande’s mandate and 211,000 in 2010, when the conservative Nicolas Sarkozy was leader.

This comes as recently France and Britain clashed over the flow of migrants, in which Paris told London to stop giving lessons.

“Britain is in no position to be giving lessons to us,” France Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin had said recently.

Britain “should stop using us as a punch-ball in their domestic politics,” he added.

The dispute has erupted after record numbers of migrants crossed the Channel to reach England from the French coast, and both the countries accused each other of doing little in this regard.

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