Australia Lists Hezbollah As Terrorist Organization

Australia Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews said that the Hezbollah, Iran-backed group “continues to threaten terrorist attacks and provide support to terrorist organizations” and poses a “real” and “credible” threat to Australia.

“The Morrison Government intends to list the entirety of Hizballah and racist neo-Nazi group. The Base as terrorist organization under the criminal code. I will continue to take strong action to keep Australians safe from terrorism,” she said in a tweet.

There is no place in Australia for violent, hateful ideologies – they are a stain on our cultural fabric, she said, adding “The Coalition Government has invested over $69M to counter violent extremism since 2013, and will always focus on national security and protecting the Australian way of life.”

This is as the group is already banned in the US, Israel, and Germany.

The group has claimed responsibility for multiple rocket attacks on Israel.

Some countries have asked for a clear distinguishing of Hezbollah’s political party and its militant group, as it fears the ban could destabilize Lebanon.


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