U.S. House Jan. 6 Select Committee Subpoenas Five More Trump Allies, Including Roger Stone and Alex Jones

The United States House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot has issued subpoenas on Nov. 22 to five more Trump allies, including longtime Republican political operative Roger Stone and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Stone and Jones reportedly gave speeches a day before the Capitol riot, urging Trump supporters to push back against the presidential election results.

Stone was also slated to speak at the Jan. 6 rally while Jones, the host of Infowars, has repeatedly promoted false claims of election fraud, according to the Committee.

The Committee also subpoenaed Trump’s Communications Director Taylor Budowich, who reportedly solicited an organization to conduct a campaign to promote the Jan. 6 rally and false election results.

The Committee also issued subpoenas for Dustin Stockton and his fiancée Jennifer Lynn Lawrence, who were both reportedly involved in organizing a series of rallies after the November 2020 election to promote false claims of election fraud.

“We need to know who organized, planned, paid for, and received funds related to those events, as well as what communications organizers had with officials in the White House and Congress,” Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson said in a statement.

“We believe the witnesses we subpoenaed today have relevant information and we expect them to cooperate fully with our effort to get answers for the American people about the violence of January 6th,” Thompson further said.

All five subpoenaed individuals are scheduled to produce documents by Dec. 6 and to appear for depositions between Dec. 14 to Dec. 18.

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