U.S. Actor Kevin Spacey to Pay Nearly $31 Million to ‘House of Cards’ Production Company After Abuse Claims

An arbitrator has ordered American actor Kevin Spacey to pay nearly $31 million to Media Rights Capital (MRC), the production company that made the hit Netflix series, “House of Cards.”

An arbitrator has ordered Spacey and his production companies to pay $29.5 million in damages and $1.4 million in attorney’s fees and costs to MRC for breach of contract following sexual harassment allegations against him.

The ruling was made in October 2020 but was made public when MRC filed a petition to the Los Angeles County Superior Court on Nov. 22 “to confirm the award in its favor and enter judgment against Spacey and his loan-out and producing companies.”

According to MRC’s filing, the arbitrator found last year that Spacey “repeatedly breached his contractual obligations” while he starred in the Netflix show and that his behavior “rendered him (and his affiliated entities) liable for the millions of dollars lost by MRC.”

“The safety of our employees, sets, and work environments is of paramount importance to MRC and why we set out to push for accountability,” MRC said in a statement.

The court denied Spacey’s appeal earlier this month.

MRC and Netflix dismissed Spacey from the production after CNN reported in 2017 that several current and former production staff members claimed Spacey sexually harassed them.

MRC claimed that they suffered monetary losses when they suspended Spacey because they had to “rewrite the entire season to omit Spacey’s character,” and to shorten Season 6 from 13 to eight episodes to meet delivery deadlines.”

Spacey has denied any wrongdoing.

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