LG U+ Alleged to Force Disney+ Subscription on Consumers

LG U+ is suspected of coercing people into subscribing to Disney+, an online OTT service.

LG U+ purportedly obtained an exclusive partnership with Disney+ to deliver IPTV material and has been offering a combination IPTV and Disney+ service for 24,600 won per month since the 11th.

Recently, certain LG U+ agencies allegedly sent text messages to sales agencies stating that they would be unable to unlock consumers’ phones unless they subscribed to the Disney+ program.

Customers were compelled to subscribe to Disney+ in order to access their cell phones. It is illegal for mobile carriers to deny to give mobile services such as phone opening without justification.

It has been determined that LG U+, which has struck exclusive IPTV partnerships with worldwide OTT providers like Disney+ and Netflix, oversold the service in order to increase its IPTV market share.

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