Thousands Of People Protest in Iran Over Water Shortages

Thousands of people in Isfahan, the third largest city in Iran, took out to the streets on Friday to protest water shortages and the government incompetence in the drought-stricken region.

“Let Isfahan breathe again, revive Zayandeh Rud,” chanted farmers who made up the majority of the protesters.

“Our children want water to provide food for your children,” read one sign. Other demonstrators have raised the slogan of justice and equality.

Iran’s Energy Minister, Ali Akbar Mehrabian apologized for the water shortages while the country’s First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber promised a swift resolution.

“I have ordered the ministers of energy and agriculture to take immediate steps to deal with the issue,” Mokhber said on national television.

It has been for years that people in Isfahan, especially the farmers, protest against water shortages. 


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