FAA Warns of Weapons Fire in Addis Ababa Airport

The FAA  has released an advisory warning of possible weapons fire above the Addis Ababa Airport due to ongoing clashes between government forces and TPLF.

“The FAA urged pilots and operators that hold U.S. airworthiness certificates to use caution while flying in Ethiopian airspace below 29,000 feet due to ongoing clashes between opposition groups and military forces,” said the FAA.

The FAA clarified there have been no reports of disruptions at the airport so far and “no indication of an intent to threaten civil aviation”.

The FAA however warned that the TPLF “likely possess a variety of anti-aircraft capable weapons, including rocket-propelled grenades, anti-tank weapons, low-caliber anti-aircraft artillery, and man-portable air-defense systems,” which could hit and damage passing aircraft.

Currently, the TPLF continues its advance towards Adis Ababa while the Ethiopian government has not yet shown intentions to yield. 

The FAA advisory came just after the US warned its citizens in Ethiopia to “leave now,” using commercial means because there is little chance that they would be able to conduct an Afghanistan-style evacuation

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