UAE, Israel to Build Anti-Submarine Warfare Vessels

The UAE and Israel have agreed to joint work to create the vessels for both military and commercial uses, both the countries confirmed in a joint statement on Thursday.

The announcement was made on the last day of the Duba Airshow in Dubai, where the UAE and Israeli state-owned weapon makers signed an agreement to design unmanned vessels capable of anti-submarine warfare.

In a joint statement, the firms said they would design the “170 M” advanced unmanned service vessels used for military and commercial purposes.

“These developments will open many doors for us in local and global markets, military and commercial alike,” EDGE chief executive Faisal al-Bannai said in the statement.

According to the statement, the submarines would be used for intelligence, surveillance, mine detection and sweeping, and as a platform to deploy certain types of aircraft.

The UAE and Israel established full diplomatic ties with the help of US

With Egypt and Jordan, the UAE is the third Arabic countries that have normalized its ties with Israel as part of advancing peace in the Middle East region.

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