Hong Kong Disneyland Closed for COVID-19 Testing

On Wednesday, Hong Kong Disneyland was closed due to the enforcement of a mandatory Covid-19 screening order, which was sparked by a weekend visitor to the attraction who just came from outside testing positive for the virus.

In a separate incident, the recipient and handlers of a Hong Kong parcel found to contain traces of the coronavirus were ordered to undergo screening, though no infections in the city have been detected as a result of that discovery.

The cargo landed from Inner Mongolia after standard Covid-19 checks in the northern Chinese territory, with Hong Kong officials learning of the contamination only after the box reached the city.

Meanwhile, Air India has been barred from flying flights from Delhi to Hong Kong till November 30. A Sunday passenger tested positive upon landing in Hong Kong, while another failed to comply with the city’s disease control laws, prompting the suspension.

Hong Kong also reported three more Covid-19 instances on Wednesday, including immigrants from Pakistan and South Korea. There were less than five persons who tested preliminary-positive. The total number of confirmed illnesses in the city is currently 12,391, with 213 fatalities as a result.

The theme park’s visitor on Sunday was a 29-year-old domestic assistant who arrived in Hong Kong from Indonesia on October 15. She was one of two possible “re-positive” cases being studied by the Centre for Health Protection (CHP), which means that their findings may be linked to virus remnants leftover from a prior infection.

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