Cuban Authorities Quash Planned Protests

The Cuban government has prevented planned nationwide protests by arresting activists, blocking their homes, and filling the streets with troops and police.

Cuban human rights NGO Cubalex reported that there were 48 acts of harassment against the protest leader and activists across the country.

Before the “Civic March for Change” or 15N started, policemen reportedly surrounded the homes of activists and independent journalists to prevent them from leading or joining the march.

According to the  Cuban government, 15N protests were not authorized and accused the protesters and the US of starting a destabilization campaign. 

Overall, there were 11 people that were reported arrested for violating the protest ban. 

The US embassy in Cuba expressed their support for the protesters and called on the government to respect the freedom of expression. 

“The Cuban people plan to march peacefully for democracy, prosperity, and fundamental rights and freedoms. We support them and call on the Cuban government to listen to the will of the people. #15N“, said the embassy. 

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