Afghan Women Protest for Right to Education and Work

Dozens of Afghan women, including female social activities, took out to the streets demanding the right to education and work. The protest took place in Kabul, the Afghan capital city after the Taliban prevented older girls from attending schools and a number of women from offices.

The protesters called on the international community to do whatever they can in a bid to press the leadership of the Taliban to respect the rights of women and girls.

The international community preferred silence on the matter instead to talk with the Taliban Emirate, one of the protesters, Malikzada said.

“We can live without food, or could face any sort of humanitarian catastrophe, but we can’t live without education and work,” she added.

She called on the Taliban, especially the world to pay attention to the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan. We want freedom and justice in our country, she demanded.

We are half of the Afghan society, no one can silence us, said another female protester.

“We have the right to work and go outside our homes. It’s our fundamental right to go to school and university,” she added. “We are here to convey our demand to the Taliban peacefully.”

Since the Taliban takeover of Kabul on 15th of August, a large number of Afghan women staged demonstrations in different parts of Kabul city, asking for freedom and justice.

Following repeated protests, the Ministry of Interior announced that all sorts of gatherings must be coordinated with the Ministry of Justice. The Taliban also warned against unpermitted gatherings.

An official at the Interior Ministry, Inamullah Samangani said that no Afghan women will face discrimination and assured to address their concerns.

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