Cuban Foreign Minister Accuses US of Conducting Destabilazition Campaign

Cuban Foreign Minister Rodriguez Parrilla has accused the US of coordinating protests in his country in order to create unrest and destabilize the government.

“The United States government knows perfectly well that, with the campaigns that have intensified in recent months, it is trying to provoke situations of suffering in our people, in the hope that they will create conditions for a social outbreak,” said Parrilla. 

Parilla did not specify the exact message from the US which incited destabilization or if it pertained to the US Embassy in Cuba’s recent tweet.

“They expect protests in #Cuba next week, with hundreds of political prisoners in harsh conditions. The government calls the protests illegal. However, Cubans show determination, taking great risks to demand their rights. They will not be silenced,” said the US embassy in Havana. 

Parilla claimed that since September 22, a total of 29  “inflammatory” statements have been made by the United States while 36 were made in October.

Parilla also alleged that there are private groups on Facebook that try to fake the presence of large crowds in Cuba and that Cuban journalists in the US are threatened. 

According to Parilla, relations with the US have been rocky, and that they have not received aid in their time of need, and that the proposed vaccine donations are useless because the entire population has been vaccinated. 

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