Belarus Strongman Lukashenko Threatens to Cut EU Gas Supplies Over Polish Border Standoff

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has threatened the European Union that they will cut off gas supplies in response to planned sanctions imposed against them over the Polish border situation.

“We are heating Europe, they still threaten us that they will close the border. And if we cut off natural gas there? Therefore, I would recommend that the Polish leadership, Lithuanians and other headless people think before speaking,” said Lukashenko.

The EU and Poland have both blamed Lukashenko for the thousands of migrants that have massed along the border and are trying to breakthrough.

The EU already announced it is discussing the possibility of adopting a fifth package of sanctions against Belarus right after Poland expressed grave concern over the large groups of migrants on their border.

The Polish government said they are worried Belarus could try to provoke a further armed escalation while another Belarussian neighbor, Lithuania has declared a state of emergency.

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