Australia Scores 0, Takes Last Place on Climate Policy

Australia’s climate efforts were ranked last in an assessment of 60 countries released at the climate summit in Glasgow, and the country was the only one to score zero on policy.

The annual rankings by German advocacy group Germanwatch rated Australia poorly on all categories of the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI): GHG Emissions, Renewable Energy, Energy Use, and Climate Policy.

In terms of climate policy, the country scored zero since “no new policies and plans were announced” along with the COP26 climate summit talks.

The country fell four places down the ranking to 58th place amid a lack of climate response policies, weak targets, and being almost entirely dependent on fossil fuels. Australia’s energy mix is 92 percent fossil fuels.

“The country’s lack of ambition and action has made its way to the international stage,” the report said. “Australia has fallen behind its allies and its inaction even attracted public criticism in the run-up to COP26.”

During the COP26 talks, Australia refused to improve their 2030 emission targets and dismissed calls to phase out coal. Resources minister Keith Pitt said this week that the country, a major exporter of coal, will keep selling as much coal as other countries will buy.

Germanwatch whose CCPI covers 92 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions noted that no country performed well enough to receive a “very high” rating on all categories of the index.

Denmark is the highest ranked country, although without an overall “very high” rating, while Saudi Arabia is the worst performing G20 country at 63rd place.

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