Burmese Asylum Seeker Survives 23 Hours at Sea Before Rescue

A Myanmar crewman who jumped off a cargo ship managed to survive for 23 hours in the freezing waters off the coast of New Zealand before getting rescued.

Min Naing, 27, reportedly jumped off the logging ship he was crewing to seek asylum in New Zealand to avoid military prosecution back home. 

“They can come and arrest us at any time, we never know when. Everyone is afraid. Life in Myanmar is dangerous for all Myanmar people,” said Min. 

Min said he put on a survival suit before roping down the ship and remained afloat for almost a day before New Zealand authorities off the Gisborne coast.

Min’s lawyer Simon Lamain said that his client was now taking the legal procedures to undergo asylum and could stay in the country until it is done. 

Min is currently quarantined at a COVID-19 facility on Gisborne Hospital grounds and is in good health. 

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