Former Tunisian President Marzouki gets International Arrest Warrant

Tunisia has issued an international arrest warrant for former President Moncef Marzouki on Thursday.

Marzouki said he was not surprised by the move adding that the arrest warrant was “a threat message for all Tunisians.”

State television did not give any reasons for Thursday’s warrant, and the prosecution was not immediately available for comment, Aljazeera reported.

Last month, President Kais Saied ordered the justice ministry to open an inquiry into Marzouki, days after the ex-leader urged France not to support Saied’s “dictatorial regime”.

Marzouki, who was president from 2011-2014, told anti-Saied demonstrators in Paris that Saied had “plotted against the revolution and abolished the constitution”.

Meanwhile, Saied accused “traitors that seek refuge overseas” of threatening Tunisia’s sovereignty, and revoked Marzouki’s diplomatic passport, and ordered the inquiry against him.

“He is the greatest enemy of Tunisia,” Saied said.

Tunisia was the only country that succeeded in carrying out a democratic transition after the “Arab Spring” uprisings in 2011.​​​​​​​

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