Dutch Journalist Tom Vennik Expelled from Russia

Russian authorities have expelled de Volkskrant correspondent Tom Vennink for two alleged minor administrative violations.

Vennik explained that the first violation was in 2019, for failing to notify law enforcement of his temporary address while the second was in 2020, for visiting Chukotka unauthorized. 

Vennik added that his Russian visa was revoked while his journalist accreditation was not renewed and was only extended for seven weeks.

“Russian journalists face serious obstacles in their work, but as a foreign correspondent I was able to report relatively freely on Russia and the Russians for the past six years,” said Vennik. 

Vennik defended that he had already paid the fines for his offenses and could not think of another reason for his expulsion. 

Russian authorities have not yet released a statement regarding Vennik’s situation. 

Vennik’s departure followed the expulsion of BBC Moscow correspondent Sara Rainsford who also faced a similar situation in August. 

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