Christies to Auction Royal Jewels

Diamond bracelets belonging to Marie Antoinette and a ruby and diamond bangle given to the Duchess of Windsor by her husband on their first wedding anniversary will be auctioned off next week in Geneva.

The double bracelets are housed in a blue velvet box labeled “bracelets of Queen Marie Antoinette,” and each is made up of three strings of diamonds and a big barrette clasp, for a total of 112 diamonds.

The bracelets, which are now in the possession of a European royal family, are projected to bring $2-4 million at Christie’s Nov. 9 auction.

In 1793, Marie Antoinette was guillotined after sending a letter from jail in the Tuileries in Paris stating that a wooden chest containing diamonds would be transferred for protection. 

According to the auction company, her surviving daughter Marie Therese, Madame Royale, received the diamonds upon her arrival in Austria.

According to Christie’s, the Duke of Windsor presented his American wife with an Art Deco ruby and diamond bracelet bought from Cartier on their first anniversary in the south of France by the man who gave up the crown to marry the duchess.

According to the press release, the pre-sale price range is 1 million to 2 million Swiss francs ($1.10 million to $2.19 million).

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