At Least 2,000 FDNY Firefighters on Medical Leave

According to the Firefighters Union, over 2,000 firemen have gone on medical leave in the last week and that number might rise, forcing whole firehouses to close.

The FDNY’s immunization rate has now reached 80 percent while the NYPD is immunized 84 percent.

The number is larger among EMTs, paramedics, and civilian personnel, but lower among firemen, who spearheaded last week’s march of municipal employees, maintaining that their goal is not to have COVID vaccinations, but to have them as a condition of employment.

The deadline for submitting immunization evidence was 5 p.m. Friday,  while individuals who did not comply faced unpaid leave on Monday morning. 

Some employees however have taken w sick leave and will continue to be paid.

On Friday, FDNY authorities said that ten fire companies had been closed because they suspected a small job action was ongoing and a handful of firemen had phoned in sick. 

As a result, fire departments were temporarily understaffed and shuttered.

According to reports, slightly more than half of the almost 2,000 firemen who have requested sick leave have not shown proof of vaccination. 

The Union is sure to be questioned about it on Monday morning when they present their next briefing here at a Midtown firehouse.

As of Sunday night, 91 percent of the city’s municipal staff had received their immunizations. 

Those who are still refusing to work will be reportedly pulled off the payroll.

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