Indian Supreme Court Orders Investigation on State use of Pegasus

The Indian Supreme Court has formed a three-member committee to investigate the government’s alleged use of Pegasus spyware against citizens.

The formation of the investigation committee composed of cybersecurity experts was a response to cases filed by alleged victims of the Pegasus spyware including several Indian journalists and activists.

“The state cannot get a free pass every time by raising national security concerns. No omnibus prohibition can be called against judicial review,” said the Supreme Court judges. 

The investigative committee will have the authority to call witnesses and seek documents while it can issue adverse findings against uncooperative individuals or the government.

The results of the investigation are expected to be turned in within two months while another hearing will be conducted to analyze the findings.

The Indian government’s lawyer Tushar Mehta earlier defended that they could not publicly admit using Pegasus or any surveillance software and said that if it were the case, it was used “combat terrorism.”

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