Hong Kong Police Continue Raids Against Umbrella Group Members

Hong Kong police officers continued a series of raids on Thursday to gather evidence against disbanded umbrella group members after failure to meet a deadline for submitting information on their finances and activities. 

Hong Kong Island Crime Unit police officers with warrants from a court searched premises of four locations, two of which were the office of pro-opposition group League of Social Democrats and the home of ex-front convenor Figo Chan Ho-wun.

The League of Social Democrats chairwoman Chan Po-ying said the latest raids were used to spread fear. 

“It is a form of political intimidation which is meant to create white terror,” Po-ying said.

The police said there were no arrests made, but the investigation would continue. 

Under the Societies Ordinance, the force could order the ban of a society or organization with connections to a foreign political organization or with Taiwan in the interests of national security, public safety, and public order. 

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