FBI and DHS Raid Chinese POS Distributor in Jacksonville Fla.

The FBI, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and other law enforcement agencies have raided the offices of  Chinese point-of-sale manufacturer PAX  in Jacksonville for allegedly abetting cybercriminals.

The FBI reportedly started investigating PAX after a major U.S. payment processor started asking questions about unusual network packets that came from PAX point of sale terminal devices. 

PAX reportedly has more than 60 million point of sale devices in use across 120 countries which are allegedly used both as malware conduits and also as a ‘command-and-control device on its own. 

The raid on PAX came just after US regulators announced they are expelling a unit of China Telecom Ltd. due to possible security threats. 

Both the FBI and DHS however have not yet released details on the raid but said that  “the investigation remains active and ongoing and no additional information can be confirmed at this time.”

PAX denied any links to espionage or cybercrime and confirmed that they were visited by the FBI. 

“PAX Technology is not aware of any illegal conduct by it or its employees and is in the process of engaging counsel to assist in learning more about the events that led to the investigation,” said PAX. 

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