American Airlines Passenger Causes Flight Diversion After Attacking Flight Attendant

The American Airlines flight 976 from New York to Orange County, California was diverted to Denver after a passenger allegedly attacked a female flight attendant.

“We are outraged by the reports of what took place on board. Acts of violence against our team members are not tolerated by American Airlines,” said American Airlines on the Incident.

Mackenzie Rose told CBS Los Angeles that the passenger who was presumed to be from the business or first-class section attacked the attendant while they were flying over Ohio. 

“I understand that he actually punched her twice. I did see her walk back down the aisle afterward. She had blood splattered on the outside of her mask,” said Rose. 

American Airlines added that the unruly passenger would be banned for life.

There is no information yet on why the flight attendant was attacked or who the attacker was. 

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