German ISIS Bride Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Yazidi Girl’s Death in Iraq

A Munich court sentenced a German Muslim convert who joined militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to 10 years in prison over the death of an enslaved Yazidi girl.

The Higher Regional Court in Munich found Jennifer Wenisch guilty of crimes against humanity for the death of a five-year-old Yazidi girl whom she and her husband, Taha al-Jumailly “purchased” as a “slave” in 2015.

The court also found Wenisch guilty of being a member of a foreign terrorist group.

“The court handed down a sentence of nine years for the death of the child resulting from slavery, which it viewed as a crime against humanity, and two years and six months for membership of a terror group. This was made into a total sentence of 10 years,” Court Spokesperson Florian Gliwitzky said, according to BBC News.

According to prosecutors, the husband tied the girl with a leash under the sun until she died of thirst, while Wenisch “did nothing to save the girl.”

Gliwitzky told CNN that the couple subjected the girl, along with her mother who was also bought as a “slave,” to “daily abuse.”

The judges also said that Wenisch threatened to shoot the girl if she did not stop crying.

Al-Jumailly is facing a separate trial in Frankfurt, with the verdict due in late November.

The girl’s mother, Nora, is the main witness in both trials.

Wenisch is believed to be the first ISIS member to be convicted anywhere in the world for international crimes committed against the Yazidi, a Kurdish religious minority group in northern Iraq.

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