Dubai to Build Infrastructure in Kashmir

Dubai is set to help India build infrastructure in Jammu and Kashmir as New Delhi furthers its development plans in the disputed Himalayan region.

The government of Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with India last week, but former Pakistan ambassador to India Abdul Basit said that further details of the accord are not yet clear.

The deal should allow Dubai to build various infrastructure in Kashmir such as specialized towers and medical buildings, according to the Indian government, and will be part of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s bid to accelerate development in the Indian part of the Himalayan region.

Analysts noted that a partnership with a major financial center like Dubai will cement India’s power over Kashmir.

Jammu and Kashmir is contested by India and Pakistan. Both countries rule parts of the Muslim-majority region, and the Indian-ruled part of Kashmir has been seeing armed insurgency against the Hindu government for decades.

With the UAE-India accord sparking rage from Pakistan, Basit said that Kashmir is slipping out of Pakistan’s hands.

“We seem to have no Kashmir policy left. It’s sad,” Basit lamented in his YouTube channel Kaleidoscope, noting that India’s increased control over Kashmir was enabled by the casual approach of Pakistan’s government.

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