1965 Indonesia Massacre Survivors Asks UK to Apologize

Survivors and descendants of the 1965 Indonesia Massacre asked the UK government to apologize for its participation in the incitement to the killings.

On Sunday, Bedjo Untung, Director of the Indonesian Institute for the Study of the 1965/66 Massacre (YPKP65), demanded an apology and a full explanation from the UK government.

“We, as victims, are angry. Reconciliation is impossible without the truth, so please reveal the truth,” Untung said.

“I urge the UK, the US, Australia, and other countries that profited from the mass slaughter of innocent Indonesians, members of the Indonesian Communist Party and Sukarno supporters, to admit their responsibility,” Untung added.

Last week, declassified documents revealed how Britain played a part in inciting the killings.

The documents highlighted how a top-secret operation from the Information Research Department (IRD) of the Foreign Office, “helped overthrow the leader of the fourth most populous country in the world and contributed to the mass murder of more than half a million of its citizens,” The Guardian reported.

The Indonesian army, militias, and vigilantes murdered at least 500,000 people between 1965 and 1966, which paved the way for General Suharto to take power and establish a dictatorship for 32 years.

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