Gwyneth Paltrow’s Sex & Love Series Starts Airing

Netflix has aired Paltrow’s new unscripted series Sex, Love, & Goop. 

The series centers on real-life couples who explore various ways to improve their sex lives with the help of Paltrow, who also serves as executive producer, and various sex experts.

“Sex, Love, & Goop” addresses what it means to be really intimate in a relationship. It urges viewers to communicate their innermost fears and wants while accepting those of their partners, according to Paltrow in a release. 

Michaela Boehm, Goop’s “go-to” expert on intimacy, relationships, and sexuality, Jaiya, a sexological bodyworker and founder of The Erotic Blueprint Types, Amina Peterson, tantra and “sacred intimacy” coach, Darshana Avila, an erotic wholeness coach, and Katarina “Kato” Wittich, a family constellations facilitator, are among the experts featured in the show.

Goop was launched in 2008 by Paltrow. 

The brand has grown over time to include everything from fashion to health and wellness to beauty goods. 

Paltrow previously created the Netflix series The Goop Lab in 2020, in which she and her Goop crew explored experimental “unregulated” health therapies such as energy healing, psychedelics, and orgasms.

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