French Beekeepers Brace for Worse Honey Harvest, Blames Climate Change

French beekeepers association UNAF said that they are anticipating a “disastrous harvest” this year as the climate change affected the ability of the bees to produce honey. 

Frost, cold, rains, and northerly winds were on full blast across the country which made it impossible for bees to contract nectar intake from fresh flowers and plants. 

The current situation entailed shorter flowering periods, which meant there would be zero production of acacia honey, rosemary, thyme and heather honey production, chestnut, and sunflower honey. It also meant shorter flowering periods 

UNAF President Christian Pons said that the organization told the state services to heighten agricultural assistance for the beekeepers to overcome the crisis and added that climate change will create an enduring impact on honey production.

Pons said, “”This will be the worst harvest in the history of our organization, the worst in at least 50 years.”

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