Ex-Soldiers Storm Guatemalan Congress over Unpaid Wages

Former Guatemalan soldiers attacked the rear area of Congress and set fire to numerous vehicles in protest of unpaid compensation for their service during the country’s civil war from 1960 to 1996.

The protesters demolished the building’s parking lot gates and set fire to at least three automobiles. Several demonstrators appeared to be armed with machetes, and several congress employees fled over a rooftop.

Riot police then arrived and dispersed the throng using tear gas. At least five individuals received minor injuries. 

According to the Interior Ministry’s Twitter account, police assisted in evacuating everyone from the Congress building.

Former soldiers are seeking a bonus of almost $16,000 for their service during the civil war, which claimed at least 200,000 lives, the majority of them civilians. 

According to the findings of an independent truth commission established to investigate the slaughter, the majority of the deaths were committed by the US-backed army.

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