Costa Rica Approves Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Costa Rica’s Congress approved the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes on Tuesday, but President Carlos Alvarado still needs to put his stamp of approval on the law.

Strong opposition from conservative groups and President Carlos Alvarado feared that the initiative on medicinal cannabis would be a gateway for the massive consumption of marijuana in the country.

Independent legislator and proponent of the project Zoila Volio said that the law would not open the floodgates to increased drug use in Costa Rica.

“I trust that President Alvarado has understood that and will not veto it,” Volio added.

The medical cannabis law would allow the production of cannabis for medicinal or therapeutic purposes, its consumption and its derivatives, and its commercialization but would not regulate its recreational use. 

The Ministry of Health would be in charge of control and regulation of its production, industrialization, and marketing activities.

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