Alyssa Milano Arrested Outside the White House

Alyssa Milano was arrested for demonstrating outside the White House on Tuesday. 

The 48-year-old actress and activist wrote about her detention on Instagram, stating she was demonstrating with People For the American Way in support of a requirement to preserve voting rights.

“I was just arrested for demanding the Biden Administration and the Senate to use their mandate to protect voting rights. Stand with me and @peoplefor and tell the Senate and White House that voting rights shouldn’t depend on where you live. #DontMuteOurVote,” Milano captioned a photo of herself standing outside the White House, carrying a banner that reads, “Save Our Democracy. Pass the Freedom to Vote Act.”

According to People for the American Way, 25 people, including Milano, were detained at the demonstration.

Milano has always prioritized political activity. In September 2020, she spoke with ET’s Kevin Frazier about Prom at the Polls, an event she was organizing to urge young people to vote.

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