General Strike Held in Haiti over Missionary Kidnappings

Haiti’s streets were flocked with thousands of workers who held a strike due to the country’s inefficient handling of kidnapping cases that was further galvanized by the recent abduction of a mainly American missionary group by a violent gang.

The mass kidnapping of American missionaries had been part of a series of rampant kidnappings due to the social instability caused by the assassination of Haitian president last July. 

Haiti’s Association of Owners and Drivers President Mehu Changeux announced last Friday, October 15, 2021, of a strike on Monday, October 18, to pressure the government in resolving the lack of security in the country. He called for the support of all social classes for the strike. 

A local interviewed on the Haitian streets said, “There is no such thing as security here, it doesn’t exist.” 

International Organization for Migration (IOM) Haiti’s chief of mission Giuseppe Lorette observed the silence felt in the streets with empty roads due to the population’s support of the general strike. In his tweet, he said, “The population is exhausted. Instability, violence, and chaos are pushing people to leave.”

The United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti released a report last month that said abductions until August of this year have already reached 328 compared to last year’s 234 reported cases.

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