Food Poisoning Victims Hold Protest in Front of El Prado Museum and Threaten Mass Suicide

Survivors of a mass canola oil poisoning in 1981 occupied Madrid’s El Prado museum and threatened mass suicide if the government did meet their demands.

“#BuenosDias, we continue Living Platform statement, #PradoVictimasColzaDescansoEterno Victims of rapeseed locked in the Prado, we threaten to execute the eternal rest live. Six hours after the start of our presence here, we will start ingesting the pills,” said Seguimos Viviendo, the group of the poisoning victims. 

According to Seguimos Viviendo,  the group wanted to meet with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and receive medical funding for the surviving victims.

The El Prado museum later reported that the Seguimos Viviendo protesters eventually left the museum without actually committing suicide. 

Spain pledged in 1981 to support victims of the mass food poisoning that killed at least 5000 people and left 20,000 others were left suffering from Toxic-Oil Syndrome.

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