Victoria to Lift COVID-19 Lockdown, Ease More Restrictions

The Australian state of Victoria announced that it will lift its COVID-19 lockdown on Oct. 21, as well as ease more restrictions than initially planned.

According to a statement from the office of Premier Daniel Andrews, Victoria is set to hit its 70% double dose vaccination target nearly a week early, paving the way for the end of the lockdown.

“The milestone we’re about to hit marks a new and hopeful path for the whole state — allowing businesses to reopen and Victorians to get back to things they love,” Andrews said in a statement.

In both regional and metropolitan Melbourne, the state capital, up to 10 people will be allowed to visit homes.

The return of Grade 3 to Year 11 students to schools in metropolitan Melbourne will take place on Oct. 22.

Curfew and travel limits will also be lifted in metropolitan Melbourne, but movement between regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne will only be allowed for permitted reasons in an effort to prevent further spread of the virus into regional Victorian.

Religious gatherings, weddings, and funerals can take place with up to 50 attendees outdoors and 20 attendees outdoors, as long as they are all fully vaccinated. If the vaccination status of attendees are unknown, only 10 people are permitted indoors.

Up to 50 fully vaccinated people are allowed for most outdoor settings while up to 20 fully vaccinated people — including workers — are allowed for indoor settings, such as restaurants and cafes.

Meanwhile for regional Victoria, 30 fully vaccinated people are allowed in indoor settings while up to 100 fully vaccinated people are allowed in outdoor settings.

However, wearing of masks will still be required in both indoor and outdoor settings for all Victorians. 

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