Suspect Threatens MP Chris Bryant Just Days After Amess’ Assassination

Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom Chris Bryant received a death threat days after the killing of Conservative MP David Amess.

Bryant told BBC Wales that he is unaware of any member of Parliament who has not received at least one death threat.

“Over the years, I have had a lot of death threats. They happen about four to five times a year,” he said.

“People have been arrested, cautioned by the police, and one has gone to jail for it,” Bryant added.

Simon Hart, the Welsh Secretary, said that he had also spoken with other MPs this weekend who had been involved in “alarming occurrences.”

The Conservative Member of Parliament for Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire noted that MPs “pride themselves on being open and available,” ensuring that any response to Sir David’s assassination does not “compromise those fundamental aspirations that we all share.”

Bryant said it was time to “get serious about MPs’ security away from the parliamentary estate.”

“That starts with the police. My local police have always been great in dealing with threats of violence to me. But I know from colleagues that this is patchy,” he said.

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