Salvadorans Hold Mass Protests Against President Nayib Bukele’s Government

Protesters in El Salvador took out to the streets on Oct. 17 to march against the decisions of President Nayib Bukele’s administration.

Local media and citizens reported massive protests by civil society groups at El Salvador’s capital San Salvador that called against the policies of Bukele’s administration.

“People are starting to get tired of this authoritarian government — it’s anti-democratic,” Ricardo Navarro, head of NGO Salvadoran Center for Appropriate Technology, told the AFP news agency.

Bukele spurred concerns after he responded to the protests by changing his Twitter profile with “Emperor of El Salvador,” just after he changed it last month to “Dictator of El Salvador.”

Protesters held up signs including “Get rid of the dictator!” as some burned an effigy of the president near the capital’s main square.

Some dissenters pointed out that Bukele’s party attacked judicial independence after removing the then-attorney general and constitutional judges earlier this year, calling the move an authoritarian symptom.

The Sunday protests were the second largest in over a month after citizens marched against Bukele’s move to make Bitcoin a national currency alongside the US dollar.

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