Mass Protest Held Against Neo-Fascists in Rome

A mass protest involving tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Rome on Saturday calling for the dissolution of the neo-fascist groups involved in last weekend’s violent protests against the COVID-19 health pass.

Italy’s largest labor federation, the Italian General Confederation of Labour (CGIL), organized the mass protest, together with the International Confederation of Free Unions (CSIL) and the Italian Labour Union (UIL).

The Brussels Times reported that about 800 buses and ten trains ferried participants from all over Italy to Rome for the protest.

The unions called on the government to dissolve neo-fascist and neo-nazi groups.

“We ask for concrete acts, not just chatter. It is time for the state to demonstrate its democratic strength in enforcing the laws and the constitution,” CGIL’s Secretary-General Maurizio Landini said from the stage.

Last Saturday, a massive demonstration in Rome against the compulsory COVID-19 vaccination certificate for use at all workplaces in Italy beginning October 15 resulted in violence.

The far-right political party Forza Nuova attacked the headquarters of the CGIL.

At least seven people were injured in the unrest.

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